All players interested in playing for one of our travel teams must register for the program. Players in 10U are encouraged to play rec softball, 12U players are not required but encouraged to. HIGH SCHOOL PLAYERS IN 14U, 16U AND 18U ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PLAY REC. After registering for the program, players that are selected for either the 14U-16U-18U travel teams and are not playing rec ball, will have a portion of their registration fee applied towards their travel team costs. Our travel team families actively participate in fundraising throughout the season and vigorously work to raise money to offset travel team costs.


  • 10U Black - James Shepard
  • 10U Blue - TBD
  • 12U Black - Ron Stump
  • 12U Blue - TBD
  • 14U Black - Chuck Pettit
  • 14U Blue - Chuck Buckland
  • 16U Black - Tony Sturla
  • 16U Blue - TBD
  • 18U Select - Kevin Miller
  • 18U Black - George Thomas / Chris Spinner
  • Batting Coach - Danny Taylor / James Daniel
  • Pitching Coach - Scott Huff

  Travel FAQ  

How much does it cost?  The cost will vary by team and is based upon the number of tournaments they would like to play as well as the cost of the uniforms.  Teams collect a minimum amount from the players upfront and then offset the balance of the travel expenses through active fundraising efforts and sponsors.  +/- $300/player for the season is a fair estimate but then again it will depend on the schedule for that team.

How much commitment is involved?  Commitment is important to the success of the team and should not be taken lightly.  Coaches give of their time to work with the girls so they can become better ballplayers and have fun while learning.  In turn, players cannot improve their skills or come together as a team if they frequently miss practices due to some other conflict.

How often does the travel team meet?  The 10 and 12U travel teams practice twice a week.  Girls in these age groups could also participate in the rec portion of the program and they play two days a week during the spring season.  For 14U, 16U, and 18U High School, they practice as much as 4 times per week.

How much “travel” is involved?  Almost all of the tournaments are considered “local” in that they are in MD.  Most tournaments are within an hour’s drive of Bel Air.  This will vary by team and tournaments selected.

What about my family vacation?  The coaches give each player up front a copy of the potential schedule so they will know the schedule ahead of time.  If you know of a conflict, please inform the coach as soon as possible so they can plan accordingly.

For further information and the list of current coaches, visit the Hickory Lady Hornets webpage link here